Custom Engraved Wooden Watches

Laser engraving has come a long way over the past ten years, making it possible to engrave almost anything you’d like onto one of our wooden watches.

Information regarding engraving your wooden watches

1: Where can my wooden watch get a custom laser engraving?

Face - Most watches can only be engraved on the back-plate with the occasional watch that is wide enough to be engraved on the sides.
Band - The leather bands on our wooden watches can also be engraved onto.
Clasps - The metal clasps on certain watches offered in our catalog can also be engraved onto.

2: What can be engraved onto my new wooden watch?

The best thing to do is email us with the subject “custom engraving”, and discuss what you’d like to have done. We would love to work with you to get your custom engraving just right. Below are some generic examples of what can be engraved:

  • Text
  • Logos
  • Numbers
  • Shapes
  • Dots
  • Lines
  • Images

3: How many textual characters can be engraved onto a watch?

Depending on the size of the text, you can get anywhere from 1-300 characters onto the back plate of a wooden watch.

4: What’s it cost to get my watch custom engraved?

A custom engraving on one of our wooden watches can cost anywhere from $15 -$50 depending on the artwork, the graphic design needed, and how many watches you’re having engraved. If you’re part of a group, cub, or organization that would like to have a large quantity of watches engraved, then the cost will go down appropriately. For large quantity engravings please contact us for details.

5: Custom engraving ideas:

  • Anniversary date with a love note.
  • Groomsman names and dates.
  • A nice poem.
  • Name and phone number.
  • Health symbol or note.
  • Company logos

6: What is the turn around time on having a custom engraving done?

Depending on the watch you’re looking to have engraved, the turn around time on a custom engraving could be anywhere from 3-5 days to 2 weeks. If you’re ordering a Havern watch from us then the option of engraving comes standard, and cam be done upon ordering. If you are looking to have a watch from a different artisan engraved, please shoot us an email for details, and turn around times.

7: Can images be engraved onto the wooden watch?

Not all photos are going to engrave well. Photos that laser best are photos that contain a wide range of light to dark shades and everything in-between. Photos with large areas of a single color typically do not engrave well – especially when working with wood.

There are several considerations that need to be taken into account when determining whether a photo is suitable for engraving:

  • Ideally a photo will show many gradations of color from light to dark.
  • The photo will show good focus and definition of detail.
  • The photo should have good contrast and focus.
  • It should be interesting. By this we mean that it should have a number of different elements to look at. In the photo below the hands break up the face and hair and the face itself is nicely shaded with features that are very distinct.

This photo is excellent for lasering because most of the photo is a gradient pattern of light to dark. There is not much in the way of big blocks of color and there is a lot of detail to make the photo really pop when lasered.

This photo will only engrave well if the black background is taken out. Leaving the background intact will detract from the engraving by producing a large area that contains nothing to look at. With that said, this photo can actually be saved with a little processing that we will show later on, but in general, photos with large blocks of uninterrupted color will not engrave well without some manipulation.

8: Accepted file types for laser cutting.

With a little extra work converting the image file, almost any format will work. Below is a list of the most common formats that work best with custom laser engraving.

  • DXF compatible with AutoCAD version 2011 or earlier
  • DWG compatible with AutoCAD version 2011 or earlier
  • CDR (CorelDRAW)
  • AI (Adobe Illustrator)
  • EPS (Adobe Illustrator)
  • SVG
  • PDF

9: What type of wood is best for engraving onto?

The harder the wood the better the result, but we have no problem engraving any type of wood that is offered on our site. You can have a look at our article on different wood types for watches HERE. There you will find a detailed information and characteristics of the different wood types offered throughout our website.

10: Which watches on can be custom engraved?

Any watch in our catalog can be custom laster engraved but not every watch comes with the option to do so. All watches from the Havern brand come with the option to be engraved from the beginning. If you'd like a different watch engraved, simply shoot us an email and we’d be happy to custom engrave any watch for you. Of course, if you want a different watch engraved other than one from Havern, the turn around time will be a bit longer.

11: Reasons why you would have your watch engraved.

There are many reasons why one would get their wooden watch custom engraved. Whether you just want your watch to be custom, or looking for a nice personalized gift to wow someone special in your life, the reasons go on and on:

  • Birthday gifts
  • Groomsman gifts
  • Fathers day gifts
  • Mothers day gifts
  • Team gear
  • Promotional items
  • Medical awareness
  • Name and phone number if lost

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