Handcrafted Wood Watches by Mistura

Lenzo Wood WatchA Brief History of Mistura: Founded by four visionaries, Mistura combines innovative spirit with environmental consciousness to create truly stunning handmade wood watches. Mistura uses the finest woods, leathers and recycled materials to create original works of art that you can wear upon your wrist. Mistura is a Portuguese word that means "mixture". The company's artistic ethos is focused upon the disparate mixture of nature's uncertainty and the precise skill of watchmaking.

Made by Expert Craftsmen: Mistura's designers toil over each timepiece for up to 85 hours. To start, they hand select only the finest woods and, in keeping with ancient traditions, wait until the moon is in its last quarter until they carefully handle and slice the wood. This is only just the beginning of their incredible process. The sliced wood is then left to rest for six whole months to ensure it dries naturally. After that, it is handcrafted to create a truly one-of-a-kind timepiece. For over ten years, Mistura's artisans have specialised in the art of watchmaking and truly dedicated their lives to studying and mastering every detail of the painstaking, delicate process. Their ultimate aim is to respect and fulfil the potential of the wood itself. One of the most important factors is in knowing wood is a "live material". As such, it responds and breathes different to any medium in which it is placed. Every individual piece of wood is chosen from thousands by Mistura's experts. The selected piece must not have any scratches, knots or deep imperfections that could compromise its resistance and, in turn, the final product itself. After the wood is cut, each piece is filed by hand. This uncovers the glorious shine of the wood with the natural oils accentuating its true colour palette and providing an organic, exquisite finish.

An Environmental Promise: Because of the natural wood used to make their timepieces, Mistura take the utmost care of their impact on the environment. They strictly follow all established environmental regulations and only use species of wood that are renewable. Nature is Mistura's main inspiration and the guiding principle of all its designs. All parts of nature act as a muse including flowers, forests, deserts and volcanoes.

Exceptional Materials

The density of hardwoods gives great strength and durability, and Mistura uses the following for its timepieces:

Mistura Watches

  • -Pui
  • -Ebony
  • -Teak
  • -Purpleheart
  • -Bamboo

Pui: Found throughout Southern America from Colombia to Mexico, these trees grow up to a colossal 130 feet. Their trunks are straight with yellow flowers and shades of natural green. The wood has extraordinary strength and resistance as well as malleability, making it an ideal material for crafting beautiful handmade wood watches.

Ebony: Finely-textured and with an extremely smooth finish when polished, ebony is beautifully black and dense enough to sink in water. A tropical tree originally from Africa, it has a long history of decorative use, stretching back all the way to usage in Ancient Egyptian tombs. In modern times, its uses are mainly restricted to smaller items such as parts for musical instruments or, indeed, the dials of Mistura's own handmade wood watches.

Aztek Teak Bamboo Watch

Teak: This wood gives an excellent finish to handcrafted wooden watches. Famously called "the queen of woods" it has been used to build many important items such as early ships to modern-day yachts. It is extremely resistant to moisture, which makes it one of the most valuable and useful woods in the world.

Purpleheart: This wood gives a distinctive and beautiful finish to handmade wooden watches. From the South Pacific forests in Costa Rica and Colombia, these trees can stand at 160 feet tall. When held under light, a delightful purple tone glazes across the wood. For watchmaking, its durability is superb as it has high density and a natural fungal and insect fighting composition.

Bamboo: Using bamboo in watchmaking gives a very unique finish. Famed for its versatility and movement, bamboo is also known as the "grass of steel". It is found throughout China and Korea and its properties are very similar to wood. A high number of elastic fibers within its cortex give it great durability.

4 Stunning Collections

Mistura watches are grouped under four different collections:

  • -Wood Collection
  • -Santa Elena Collection
  • -Arkitect Collection
  • -Master Edition Collection

Avanti Wood Watch

Wood Collection: These watches use the beautiful tropical woods outlined above, all selected from various parts of the world. The managed hardwoods are all from sustainable sources and make the watches both durable and aesthetically stunning handcrafted wood watches.

Santa Elena Collection: These watches use pressed and dried flowers and petals (also known as immortalized flowers) from Colombia for decoration. The petals are generally inside the watch, behind the hands. Santa Elena itself is a town in Antioquia, Colombia. Local farmers work day by day to cultivate the most beautiful flowers. Hortensias are often used and their colour depends on the species. They are usually white, blue, red, green, yellow or purple. Every flower used is hand-chosen and unique, making every Santa Elena Mistura watch a truly one-of-a-kind work of art.

Arkitect Collection: These watches are innovative in their design and formality. They use challenging materials that give a truly unique finish. Unlike the wooden watches from the Wood Collection and the Santa Elena Collection, these use natural materials such as corian--a material derived from bauxite ore which is similar to marble. These rare materials contrast with the elegant simplicity of the watch's designs, making them more suitable for formal wear than the other collections.

Master Edition Collection: These watches are a luxurious high-end range using the finest levels of artistry from Mistura's craftsmen. They emphasise artistic designs by collaborating with artists such as Rayanegra, also using the exquisite materials found in the other collections.

Incredible Watchcases

A watchcase is one of a timepiece's most defining features. As such, Mistura's watches feature some of the most stunning watchcases on the market today. Each one has been carefully designed with a theme to reflect its own materials, often in collaboration with famed artists and designers.

Avanti Watchcase: The inspiration for Avanti's watchcase is a tree's concentric circles, continuous growth and metamorphic nature. Famed designer Nicolás Díaz/rayanegra worked on the watchcase and based the concept on the tree rings used to indicate the age of a tree. This concept was then simplified to serve the functionality of the watchcase.

Volkano Watchcase: The Volkano model's watchcase was developed for Mistura by famed designer Nicolás Díaz/rayanegra. His concept was the scorch marks left on the earth by the flow of lava. The similarity of these to the Mistura logo itself was the inspiration for its dramatic case. The colours of the watch itself also reference the power of volcano. Similar to other Mistura watches, there is a disparate meeting of concepts of materials. Fire and wood may seem contradictory but it is their conflicting nature that comes together harmoniously to create such a breath-taking timepiece.

Beautiful Handmade Watches

Here are some more details about the specific watches themselves, each of which is not only a handcrafted one-of-a-kind work of art, but also a unique design that, at once, stands out from the other Mistura timepieces in its range but also complements them with parallel themes and designs.

Wood Collection Watches

Avanti Wooden Watch: Designed to demonstrate a sporty style while also preserving a level of elegance, these watches are truly versatile creations, suitable for both men and women. The cases are made of pui and teak wood and slightly larger than some of the other ranges. The dials are orange, black or yellow and the prong buckle is made of stainless steel and wood. It carries Japanese Quartz by Citizen, a highly respected and reliable movement in the watch industry.

Handcrafted watches by Mistura

Ferro Wooden Watch: One of the best-selling signature timepieces in Mistura's whole collection, Ferro watches contain slightly larger wooden cases with a classic rectangular design. They also feature large band sizes with a width of 246mm. The cases are made of pui, teak and purpleheart wood. Its prong buckle is made of stainless steel and wood. It carries Japanese Quartz by Citizen, a highly respected and reliable movement in the watch industry.

Aztec Made From Wood Watch: The straps of these dazzling watches are truly unique. Inspired by abstract art and using complementary colours, they are eye-catching and stylish. The Aztec range features watch faces of many shapes, sizes and materials including teak and bamboo. The strap's vibrant colours combine with the delightful wood tones to create a stunning watch that is ideal for both men and women. The case is made of teak wood and its clasp buckle is made of stainless steel and wood. It carries Japanese Quartz by Citizen, a highly respected and reliable movement in the watch industry.

Santa Elena Collection Watches

Ferro Santa Elena: Part of the signature Ferro collection, its wooden case is large and measures 39mm by 47mm, providing a bold and striking appearance. Its watch face contains flowers from the town of Santa Elena in Colombia. Mistura's artists use a special technique for drying and preserving the flowers called "immortalizing" which keeps them pristine for years to come. Every watch face contains unique flowers, meaning each is a one-of-a-kind. The case is made of pui, teak and purple heart wood. The dial contains flowers and gold leaf. Its prong buckle is made of stainless steel and wood. It carries Japanese Quartz by Citizen, a highly respected and reliable movement in the watch industry.

Beautiful Wood Watches

Kamera Santa Elena: These watches made out of wood come in a wide assortment of colours and wood tones. Just like the other Santa Elena watches, the Kamera contains special preserved flowers that have been "immortalised" by Mistura's artists so that they remain pristine. These flowers are known as hortensias and each one is unique, in both shape and colour. The case is made of pui and teak wood. The dial contains flowers. Its prong buckle is made of stainless steel and wood. It carries Japanese Quartz by Citizen, a highly respected and reliable movement in the watch industry.

Lenzo Santa Elena: The Lenzo is an eco-friendly timepiece containing pui and teak wood. Like the other watches in the Santa Elena range, it contains preserved flowers that have undergone a process called "immortalisation" by Mistura's experts. As these are real flowers hand-selected by artists, every Santa Elena watch is utterly unique. The dials come in black, blue, gold and orchid. Its prong buckle is made of stainless steel and wood. It carries Japanese Quartz by Citizen, a highly respected and reliable movement in the watch industry.

Arkitect Collection Watches

Ferro Arkitect: Inspired by Mistura's Ferro Collection, the Ferro Arkitect features a similarly elegant and striking design. Its watch case is large, measuring 39mm by 47mm, providing a bold look that stands out among a collection of unique watches. Unlike the watches from the Wooden Collection, the Ferro Arkitect is made from corian, a marble-like substance. A blend of natural materials and acrylic polymer combine to form an exceptionally resilient and elegant product. The dial is made of carbon fiber and ebony wood while the clasp's prong buckle is constructed of stainless steel and wood. It carries Japanese Quartz by Citizen, a highly respected and reliable movement in the watch industry.

Volkano Arkitect: Inspired by Mistura's Volkano Collection, the Volkano Arkitect features a classic circular design. Unlike Mistura's other watches, this collection retains some traditionalism while also expressing individuality through unique design. Just like the Ferro Arkitect, these watches use corian in the watchcase. Corian is a marble-like substance derived from bauxite ore which gives an impactful and unique finish. These watches are ideal for men and women who appreciate classic style but are still interested in progressive design. The dial is made of gold while the clasp's prong buckle is made of stainless steel and wood. It carries Japanese Quartz by Citizen, a highly respected and reliable movement in the watch industry.

Master Edition Collection Watches

Infinite by Rayanegra: The stunning result of a collaboration with famed designer Rayanegra, this watch is crafted with the finest woods and leather for a truly luxurious item. Painstakingly crafted by vanguards of Mistura Timepieces, this edition uses the sophisticated Swiss movement Ronda 763, 5 jewels. Its case is made of pui wood and the dial is black, silver or gold. The prong buckle is made of stainless steel and wood.