Bamboo Watches

Although it's technically a tree grass, lot's of people think bamboo is a type of wood. Bamboo is a super strong, lightweight and naturally water resistant material that's incredible for making bamboo watches. Bamboo can be grown in most of the world, but is commonly found in Asia and Australia. Bamboo also shares lots of characteristics with wood, making this material a great option for wooden watch artisans.

Naturally water resistant

Since bamboo is a tree grass, it's actually a fiber type material. This fiber material allows for tremendous resistance to water, and also makes caring for the bamboo watch a lot easier than one made from wood.

These features along with the benefit of being so affordable makes bamboo a great option for a wood watch, especially if you are an active or outdoor person.

One top quality of bamboo is it grows extremely quick.

While it can take up to twenty years for certain trees to mature to the point of being harvested, bamboo shoots can grow to their full height within one season. If you let them go another year or two they will only double in size. The quicker growth allows for the cost of bamboo to be a lot less than real wood.

Bamboo is generally a lighter yellowish color, which allows this awesome material to retain different color stains easily. This allows for you to be able to obtain whatever color you want, while maintaining the strength and characteristics of the bamboo watch.