Bewell Wood Watches

    Wood watches are sustainable, comfortable, and convenient for any lifestyle. Whether you love the great outdoors or you prefer to stay inside, they are the perfect accessory to help you keep track of time without having to worry too much about wear-and-tear or damage. You know how great wooden watches can be, and if you’re now wondering where you can find a good one to purchase, you’ve come to the right place. Bewell is a company that specializes in creating beautiful and original wristwatches, often at a fraction of the price of other brands. If you’re seeking an affordable and fashionable timepiece to add to (or start) your collection, Bewell wood watches could be the best fit for you.

What is Bewell?
    Bewell is a China-based company that completely owns and operates every aspect of their watch production. They are in charge of the bamboo case, steel case, and alloy case factories, as well as the watch cover factory and assembly production workshop. Being in control of the production processes for their watches means they can check for quality at every stage of creation, from the individual components to the completed watches. Strict quality testing is utilized by Bewell in order to ensure they’re providing only the most excellent products to their customers. It also enables them to meet online orders efficiently and guarantees satisfaction in their watches. If you’re looking for a company you can trust to deliver you exceptional goods, look no further than Bewell.

What are they all about?
    There’s more to Bewell than a business that simply designs, creates, and sells watches. Not only are they devoted to bringing their customers a product that can be cherished and valued for the rest of their lives, they also seek to react quickly to demands, and assure buyers that they will receive watches crafted from only the finest materials. For this reason, Bewell hires both highly-skilled engineers who carefully handmake watches and talented technicians who are able to mechanize the process of production while still maintaining the uniqueness and quality that wooden watches are known for. With over two hundred employees who are dedicated to the development of the company, you can rest assured that Bewell is doing everything in their power to constantly evolve and adapt to best meet the needs of their customers, and to improve their business and services every step of the way. Bewell continues to research and expand on new and original products so that they can continue bringing you watches you’ll love, at reasonable prices.

What woods do they use?
    What’s special about Bewell is that they offer an enormous selection of watches in different colors, shapes, styles, and woods. No matter what type of hue, stain, or grain you prefer, it is likely to be available for sale on their website. Bewell watches can be made from maple, verawood, zebrawood, sandalwood (in green, black, and red), ebony, and bamboo. In addition to those, they also provide watches that combine different woods to achieve a colorful, but classic look. These woods are recycled, hypoallergenic, and are also the more eco-friendly option in comparison to watches made from metal, plastic, or other materials that contribute to pollution and waste. Although some Bewell wooden watches can be similar to what other brands offer, they have many exclusive styles for you to choose from if you’re looking for something a little different, such as the Diver’s watch and their W021C series.

What styles do they offer?
    Watch Faces: Round, square, rectangular; Bewell does it all as far as the shapes of their watch-faces go. The chunky, blocky style of their rectangular watch-faces have a masculine and exotic appearance, and the two different time displays on some of the models means you can easily keep track of multiple time-zones if you’re a traveler. Bewell watches can also have square, circular, or ovular watch-faces for a more simple, understated style, and the displays within vary greatly from watch to watch, meaning no two are exactly alike even if the shapes are similar.

Time Displays: The time displays can have 6, 4, 3, or even 1 number dials, and these numbers can be standard or in Roman numerals depending on your preferences. Some of the watches have no numbers at all. Instead, there are markings in the place of numbers if you’re seeking a more minimalist approach to your timepiece. The color, style, and shape of the movement also varies depending on the model. Most Bewell wooden watches have movements with a second, minute, and hour hand. Some movements have an arrow shape, and others are just a basic line.

Complications: Bewell wood watches are also different from other brands in that they feature various complications that add elegance, uniqueness, and convenience to the piece. If you need a watch that keeps track of what day of the month it is, or what day of the week it is (with names either in Spanish or English), then a watch from Bewell would be perfect for you. The watch can keep track of the day up to 31 days, and only needs to be reset as you switch to the next month. Don’t worry about checking your calendar for the date. Now, all you have to do is glance down at your watch and have everything you need to know right there on your wrist.

So, why Bewell?
Bewell is a company that cares deeply for both its customers and its products. Overseeing every aspect of their watch production means they are able to carefully monitor the quality of their watches, and guarantee you an accessory you will love that will last you forever. Not only are they dedicated to using only the highest-quality materials in their products, they also seek to employ the most talented and skilled engineers and technicians to ensure the production process is functioning optimally and to make an original product that is customized by hand and tailored to exactly what you want. In addition to this, Bewell wood watches come in so many different shades, shapes, and styles, that anyone can find a timepiece that is everything they want. Choose from hundreds of watch-faces, straps, movements, and number dials to find your dream watch that you’ll love to wear wherever you go. Regardless of your needs, lifestyle, and budget, Bewell offers a variety of exquisite wood watches at inexpensive prices that just can’t be ignored.