Ebony Wood Watches

Ebony is a dense black hardwood,an evergreen tree, that is apart of the ebony family. There are three species of ebony which include Ceylon, Gabon and Makassar ebony. Ebony trees usually grow in moist soil in tropical forests, usually in lower altitudes. Unfortunatly the ebony tree is so popular the number of trees in the wild is decreasing from extensive harvesting from their natural habitats. In fact, the Gabon ebony is already listed as endangered. Ebony is a finely-textured wood, and has a very smooth finish when polished, making it valuable as an ornamental wood for ebony wood watches.

Color & Appearance

Ebony is a dark black wood that can come from a few different species of trees in the genus diospyros. The bark of ebony trees is usually scaly, and dark grey in color, and often covered with mosses and diseases. Heartwood of ebony tree is black or brownish in color and is most commonly used to craft black chess pieces, black piano keys, tool handles and other luxury pieces. The grain of ebony is straight and generally tight. Normally due to the dark color of the wood you cannot see the grain too much. If you are seeking a wood with more pattern to it, than ebony or heartwood may not be the option for you.

Where it's found

Ebony wood is commonly found in India, Sri Lanka, Western Africa, and even Indonesia depending on the exact species.

Facts & Information

  • Ebony trees can grow pretty tall, in fact, they can anywhere from 65-68 feet tall.
  • The fruit of the Gabon tree is used to make certain alcoholic beverages, beers, wines and spirits.
  • We aren't the only ones that love the ebony tree. Animals like elephants, giraffes, monkeys and warthogs love to feed on the leaves and fruits.
  • The ebony tree is so extremely dense that it does not float like most other wood. If you were to place a piece of ebony wood in water, it would sink right away.
  • Bark of ebony tree can be used as a source of dark blue pigment that is used for painting of cloth.
  • The tree can live for hundreds and hundreds of years and doesn't reach maturity until it's anywhere from 60-200 years old.
  • There are a large number of protection acts on this wood, which makes it hard to import it in certain areas. Due to all the protection and the time required to grow new trees ebony is generally only used for small things like watches.
  • Ebony is a nice wood for ebony watches because it is one of the handful of woods that can get you that rich, dark black look.
  • This wood also polishes up extremely well, making it a great wood for a nice, shiny, polished ebony wood watch.

If however you are seeking a wood that has been highly sought after for ages and will make you stand out, than ebony is a great choice for a wood watch. It is really hard to mimic the dark shiny black look that ebony can provide.