Maple Wood Watches

Maple - is mostly found in North America and Europe. Maple is a great wood that has been used in wood working for ages. Maple trees that are used for timber can grow to heights of 150 feet, which makes the cost of the material quite reasonable. Since Maple is such an affordable lumber, it's commonly used in woodworking throughout the world. Maple is commonly used in instruments, maple watches, bowling allies, furniture and much more. Since there are so many species of maple trees, the amount of colors and patterns you can find is endless.

Maple wood is often used to achieve the more expensive, more desired red colored wood, perfect for making maple wood watches.

Color & Appearance

The Maple that most people are used to seeing is a lighter whitish brown wood. There's also the red maple, which can have the darker reddish brown that can be extremely desirable. The grain of maple is generally not overly noticeable like in zebrawood. The grain is normally straight, but some species will have wavy grain.

Where it's found

Maple trees are most commonly found in North America and Europe, but can also be found in southern Asia and the Mediterranean region.

Facts & Information

  • Maple trees grow to a height of 10–45 m (33–148 ft).
  • Maple wood is considered a tonewood, which means it carries sound waves well, and is commonly used in the creation of musical instruments.
  • Maple wood is usually placed into two broad categories, hard maple and soft maple
  • Maple tree can survive more than 300 years under appropriate climate conditions.
  • Dried maple wood can be used for smoking food, while charcoal made of maple wood plays a big role in the manufacturing of whiskey.
  • Maple trees are also used in the paper industry. Paper made of maple wood has excellent printing properties.