Your groomsmen are your dream team.

Usually made up of your closest friends and male family members, and their role is to stand by you and support you through every step of the wedding process.

Just like your fantasy football pick, choosing the right team is crucial, and when everything runs smoothly, thanking your groomsmen for their efforts with a well-thought through groomsmen gift is their reward for a job well done.

the groomsmen

50 Groomsmen Gift Ideas

1: Hip Flask

The hip flask is a classic groomsmen gift that all groomsmen are sure to appreciate. Opt for either a stainless steel or leather version for a gift that looks classy and expensive, and consider adding a personal message to the body of the flask for each groomsman.


2: Bottle of Bourbon

What do you buy for the groomsman who has everything and who appreciates the finer things in life? A bottle of high quality bourbon will always be well appreciated.


3: Engraved Beer Mug
engraved mug groomsmen gift

Do your boys love beer? Then why not keep things simple and buy them an engraved beer mug! This is a practical gift they can use again and again, and will serve as a great reminder of your epic bachelor party too!


4: Cufflinks
groomsmen cufflinks gifts

Another classic gift, cufflinks are incredibly versatile and you’ll find the right pair to suit any budget. Add each groomsmen’s monogram to give your gift the personal touch.

5: Group caricature
groomsmen group caricature

Remind your groomsmen of the good times by having a photo from your bachelor party turned into a group caricature: perfect for framing and adorning the wall of any man cave!

6: Wooden watch
engraved wooden watch gift

Looking for a fashion forward but timeless gift your groomsmen will want to keep for a lifetime? Look no further than a wooden watch! Engrave a personal message to the back of the watchcase, and let your team know how you really feel about them.

7: Bottle opener
groomsmen bottle opener gift

All those beers aren’t going to open themselves! Gift your groomsmen bottle openers and let them start the party in style.

8: Shot glasses
engraved shot glasses gift

Get the party started with personalised shot glasses! You can personalise yours with a photograph, name, or even a slogan that will keep your groomsmen talking all night long.

9: Wooden sunglasses
wooden sunglasses gift groomsmen

Sunglasses are a great gift for injecting some fun into your party, particularly if you’re having a destination wedding. Choose wooden sunglasses for something memorable and unusual that can easily be personalised to suit each groomsman.

10: Swiss army knife
groomsmen swiss army knife

A swiss army knife is an essential piece of kit every man should have in his pocket: which multiple tools and functions, there’s nothing this gift can’t do!

11: Golf clubs
groomsmen golf clubs gifts

For the groom with a big budget, golf clubs are the perfect gift for sporty groomsmen.

12: Golf tees
groomsmen golf tees engraved

Budget doesn’t quite stretch to golf clubs? Silver golf tees also make a great gift for groomsmen who love the game: these can be personalised to create a gift that will be treasured.

13: Custom Golf Towel
groomsmen golf towel custom

The final gift in the trilogy of golfing themed tokens is a monogrammed golf towel: combine with a round of golf for a happy team of groomsmen!

14: Sterling silver tie bar
groomsmen sterling silver tie bar

Add a touch of class to your groomsmen’s outfits with a sterling silver tie pin: this vintage-inspired gents accessory is a modern must-have, and something they can wear again and again.

15: Bourbon decanter
groomsmen bourbon decanter

A bourbon decanter is a gift that oozes style and class: perfect for taking pride of place on a bar or man cave, the decanter will take center stage at any party!

16: Pocket watch
groomsmen engraved pocket watches

Want to inject some vintage style into your groomsmen’s get up? Then why not gift them a vintage pocket watch, to make sure they turn up at the church on time!

17: Corkscrew
groomsmen engraved corkscrew wine opener

Every wine connoisseur needs a corkscrew or two in their armory: this is a great practical gift that can be used again and again.

18: Zippo cigarette lighter
groomsmen engraved zippo lighter

A good quality cigarette lighter is the ideal gift for lighting those fancy cigars you’ll be smoking at your wedding party: Zippo lighters are the best on the market, and they can be engraved too, giving your gift the personal touch

19: Leather Wallet
groomsmen Leather wallet or money clip

A money clip or wallet is a thoughtful and practical gift that every groomsmen will be able to make use of. Add personalization to make the gift even more special.

20: Custom Baseball Bat
groomsmen baseball cap custom

A personalized baseball bat is the ideal gift for groomsmen that are baseball mad, or looking for low grade weaponry to keep next to their bed!

21: Custom Baseball
groomsmen Personalized baseball

Show your groomsmen you’re glad they’re on your team by giving them there very own team baseball! You can have the baseball personalised with any message you wish, making it a great way to say how much your care.

22: Custom pocket square
groomsmen monogrammed pocket square

Ensure your groomsmen look delightfully dapper by gifting them with a monogrammed pocket square: perfect for wearing on your wedding day, and beyond!

23: Fountain pen
groomsmen Fountain pen

An old fashioned fountain pen is the perfect gift for the intellectual groomsman: satisfying to write with, and beautiful to hold.

24: Engraved Grill Spatula
groomsmen Personalized grill spatula

For the groomsman that loves to grill, a personalised grill spatula is the perfect gift!

25: Custom Grilling Apron
groomsmen Personalized grilling apron

Looking for something a little more unique or something extra to add to a gift for a grill king? A personalized grilling apron will quickly become a BBQ staple.

26: Marble coasters
groomsmen Personalized Marble coasters

Home décor may not be the obvious choice for a groomsman gift, but beautiful marble coasters look great in man caves and on home bars too.

27: Engraved Hammer
groomsmen Personalized claw hammer

Do you have a groomsman that loves construction and is a dab hand at DIY? A personalized claw hammer is a great, practical gift they can use every day, keeping a constant reminder of your big day close to hand.

28: Leather belt
groomsmen Personalized Leather belt

Fashion conscious groomsmen will be delighted to receive high quality leather goods, and this practical gift is something that can be worn again and again.

29: Embroidered socks set
groomsmen Embroidered socks set

What better gift for the man who has everything than socks? Give monogrammed socks so that each groomsman will present a flash of individuality and fun in their outfit on your big day

30: Silver business card holder
groomsmen Silver business card holder

Show your groomsmen you mean business by gifting them something slick and shiny to store and display their business cards!

31: Key chain
groomsmen custom Key chain

A classic gift for the budget-conscious groom, a personalised or leather embossed keychain is a great gift that every groomsman will be sure to use.

32: Harmonica
groomsmen Stainless steel harmonica

Encourage your groomsmen to make sweet music together with a stainless-steel harmonica – personalize the case so that each gift is unique.

33: Shaving kit
groomsmen Shaving kit gifts

If you want all your groomsmen to be cleanly shaven on your wedding day then why not encourage them to tame the stubble with a shaving kit?

34: Leather luggage tag/passport holder
groomsmen Leather luggage tag/passport holder

Need a gift for a jetsetter? A leather luggage tag or passport holder is the perfect gift for the groomsman that loves to travel, or if you are having a destination wedding.

35: Leather bound notebook
Leather bound notebook

Nothing says luxury like small leather goods, so why not choose a leather bound notebook to show your groomsmen just how much you appreciate their support?

36: Stainless steel water bottle
groomsmen gift Stainless steel water bottle

If your groomsmen prefer water to wine then why not gift them a stainless steel water bottle? Perfect for carrying with them wherever they go

37: Personalized USB flash drive
groomsmen Personalized USB flash drive

The perfect gift for the techie groomsmen, a personalised USB flash drive is a practical gift that everyone can get on board with. Add pictures and other fun files to the drive to make your groomsmen smile.

38: Personalized bamboo cutting board
groomsmen Personalized bamboo cutting board

Wannabe-chef? Then a personalized cutting board will ensure your groomsman is a cut above the rest!

39: Cigars
groomsmen gift case of cigars

Gather your groomsmen together to light a cigar or two and celebrate a job well done!

40: Embroidered sports duffel bag
groomsmen gift Embroidered sports duffel bag

A monogrammed sports duffel bag is the perfect gift for the avid traveller, and will also make a great gift for a groomsman attending a destination wedding.

41: Personalized leather iPad case
groomsmen gift Personalized leather iPad case

Groomsmen who can’t be parted from their iPads? Show them you care by adorning their favorite tech in style.

42: Personalized metal ammo box
groomsmen gift Personalized metal ammo box

If your groomsmen are keen huntsmen then why not celebrate their hobby with a personalized metal ammo box?

43: Personalized Yoyo
groomsmen gift Personalized silver plated yoyo

It’s time to relive the ‘80s! If you have groomsmen that are young at heart then why not let them practice the tricks of their youth with a personalised silver plated yoyo?

44: Wine bottle cooler
groomsmen gift Wine bottle cooler

Because no one wants to drink warm wine! This is a great gift for the groomsmen that likes to enjoy a bottle of wine (or two) and can easily be personalised.

45: Personal trainer sessions
groomsmen Personal trainer sessions gift

Do you have a groomsman that loves keeping fit, or constantly talks about getting into shape? Give them the push they need by buying them some personal training sessions.

46: Concert or sporting event tickets
groomsmen gift Concert or sporting event tickets

What better gift than the gift of time? And when that time is spend watching their favorite band or team, you’ll have one happy groomsman!

47: Humidor
groomsmen gift custom engraved humidor

A successful wedding should be celebrated with a cigar or two, so why not gift your groomsmen a beautiful bamboo wood cigar case that they can enjoy on your wedding day and beyond.

48: Whiskey rocks
groomsmen gift Whiskey rocks

Once you’ve tried using whiskey rocks, you’ll wonder how you lived without them! They keep your drink cold without watering it down, and can even be personalised too!

49: Stainless steel insulated flask
groomsmen gift custom engraved humidor

Vacuum flasks are great for drinking coffee on the go, and they make great gifts for busy commuters who love their morning joe: why not add personalisation to make it a gift they’ll never forget?

50: Premium coffee hamper
groomsmen gift Premium coffee hamper

If your groomsmen struggle to get out of bed in the morning, or can’t function before they’ve had a strong espresso or two, then a hamper full of premium coffee will be the perfect gift to put a spring in their step


Practical Vs. Impractical Gifts

practical vs impractical groomsmen gifts

Men are generally simple creatures who like gifts that they are actually going to use:

This is why practical gifts are such a good choice for groomsmen! Whilst no woman would be pleased to receive socks, for example, most men are delighted to receive something they actually need, that means they don’t have to go shopping for themselves! For the same reason gifts such as watches, key-rings and money clips that can be used every day, and that serve a practical purpose are perennially popular with grooms who want to keep their groomsmen happy.

Just because something is practical though, doesn’t mean that it has to be boring! The best gift is something that he will actually use, but that he would never have thought to buy for himself. Whiskey rocks, a monogrammed/embroidered duffel bag or a wooden watch with an engraved message are all great examples of this kind of gift: these are gifts that will last a lifetime, and that will still raise a smile a decade after your wedding day.

Funny novelty items are best avoided: they may seem like a good idea at the time, but they will quickly find themselves in the bottom of a box, or at the bottom of a trash can. Does anyone really wear those ‘Save Room for the Groomsman’ T shirts more than once? Save your money for a gift your groomsmen will actually want to receive instead!


personalized groomsmen gifts

From traveling to renting a tuxedo, from helping calm last minute jitters to organizing the bachelor party, the groomsmen play an integral role in the wedding and it’s important to let them know that their efforts have been appreciated. That doesn’t mean you should buy the flashiest or the most expensive gift you can think of, but it does mean choosing something that you know your groomsmen will appreciate and treasure. Personalization is one of the best ways to ensure that your gift has a personal touch and to show your groomsmen that their contribution to your big day really matters.

personalized groomsmen gifts

Personalization can be so much more than simply adding your groomsman’s name to their gift. If you have a personal message that you’d like to share with your groomsmen then why not choose a gift that can be engraved with a special message meant just for them? Watches are a great choice for this kind of gift, as the message can be engraved on the casing at the rear of the timepiece, meaning that it doesn’t have to be visible, or shared with anyone else. Other gifts that are ideal for engraving include hip flasks, cigarette lighters, and glassware such as tankards and decanters. The kinds of messages you can have engraved are almost limitless: you can choose to add personal messages of thanks and support, etch your wedding date so that it is permanently commemorated, or even add a memorable joke or catchphrase that sums up your friendship. No matter what kind of personalization you want to add to your gift, there is the perfect gift to fit your message.

Personalized gifts not only show that you care, they also present a unique opportunity to deliver an important message (whether that be something heartfelt or humorous) to your groomsmen that no one else could give them but you. When you choose to give a personalized gift, you are choosing to give a gift that is truly unique and that nobody else will own and let’s face it: no matter how difficult your groomsmen are to buy gifts for, everyone likes to receive something with their name on it!

personalized groomsmen wooden watches

Choosing the Right Gift for the Right Groomsman

No two groomsmen are the same, and whilst you might appreciate all your groomsmen equally, that doesn’t mean you have to buy them all the same gift! Why not celebrate their uniqueness by choosing a gift that will celebrate their hobbies and interests? Here are just a few gift suggestions based on a few common groomsmen interests:

The Sportsy Groomsmen

  1. A Personalized Football
 For the groomsman that loves sport, played football in college, or who just loves catching the game with you at the weekend, a personalized football makes a great gift!
  2. A New Jersey
No self-respecting sports fan will be able to resist the gift of a new jersey from their favorite team! Why not personalize your jerseys to make sure your wedding day is a day your groomsmen will never forget?
  3. A Custom Bobblehead
    Every sports fan loves a bobblehead, so why not surprise your groomsmen with their very own bobblehead that has been created to look just like them? This is a unique gift sure to get everyone talking!
  4. Game Tickets
    Why watch the game on the big screen when you could be there seeing the option first hand, and soaking up the atmosphere? The celebration don’t have to end on your wedding day when you gift your groomsmen with game tickets you can enjoy together.
  5. An NFL Money Clip

    For the groom on a budget, an NFL money-clip will make a great gift for football loving groomsmen. This is a great gift that can be adapted to suit a wide range of different groomsmen.

The Musical Groomsmen

music note
  1. A Custom Guitar Pick Case with Personalized Picks
 Guitar picks make the perfect gift for musical groomsmen, and these practical presents are small enough that they can be kept and treasured for years to come. Whether you choose to add your groomsman’s name, or a personal message of motivation, personalized picks will help a great riff sound even better!
  2. Concert Tickets
    What better gift than spending time together doing something you love? Buy concert tickets for your groomsmen’s favorite band and turn your groomsman gift into a great night out together.
  3. Surround Sound Speakers
    If you have a healthy budget and you’re looking for a gift that will wow a music lover then why not invest in some surround sound speakers, so that they can enjoy concert-quality music from the comfort of their own home.
  4. Guitar Lessons
    Picking up a new hobby can be difficult, even if it’s something you’ve been planning to do for a while. Give your musical groomsman a push in the right direction by giving him a gift certificate for some guitar lessons, and listen to him rock out!
  5. Sheet Music Cufflinks
    Show your groomsmen how well you know them by having the sheet music to their favorite jam turned into cufflinks? A gift that is practical and thoughtful at the same time!

Outdoorsy Groomsmen

  1. Personalized Compass
 If you don’t want your groomsmen to get lost on the way to your wedding ceremony, or on their way home from the bar afterwards, then a personalized compass makes a great gift! This is also a great gift for outdoorsmen and runners who will be able to use it again and again.
  2. Personalized Fishing Lure
    Reel in your groomsmen with a personalized fishing lure that they can keep and use again and again. Ideal for keeping in their tackle box or displaying at home. Elevate your gift by giving it to your groomsmen as part of a fishing trip: a great way to spend time together before you say ‘I Do’.
  3. A Leather Beer Holster
    One of the most unique gift ideas available for outdoorsmen, a leather beer holster would look fantastic worn to a country themed or outdoors wedding, and also gives you a convenient place to hold your beer when you’re camping, fishing, or enjoying a hunting trip.
  4. Compass Cufflinks
    Did you know that you can now buy cufflinks that not only look like compasses, but that are also fully functional miniature compasses too? Because every true outdoorsman should always carry a compass, even when wearing formalwear!
  5. A Personalized Engraved Pocket Knife
    A pocket knife is one of the most useful and versatile thing any man who likes to spend time outdoors can carry! Show your groomsmen your appreciation by gifting them with a pocket knife that is uniquely theirs.

Workout/Exercise Groomsmen

running shoe
  1. Bicycle Repair Kit
 Struggle to separate your groomsman from his bike? Why not buy him a personalized bicycle repair kit , so that he never has to be without his bike again!
  2. Personalized Kicks
    Who says your gym shoes have to be boring? There is no gift more unique for the fashion-fan than a pair of personalized kicks. Hand painted with any message or design you choose, these shoes will be completely unique to your groomsmen.
  3. Sterling Silver Sports Shoe Tags
    A fun novelty gift sure to raise a smile from any fitness fan, why not buy some sterling silver tags which can be added to the laces of their sports shoes? These can be engraved with a motivational message to keep your groomsmen on the right track.
  4. Bicycle Chain Cufflinks
    Give the traditional groomsmen gift of cufflinks a personalized twist by choosing a pair constructed from the chain of a recycled bicycle. These would be sure to appeal to the cycling enthusiast, and show that you appreciate their passion for their hobby.
  5. Marathon Route Map
    Do you have an athletic groomsman busy training for a marathon? Whether it’s their first marathon or their tenth, celebrate their achievement with a framed map of their route. This can be personalized with a message of support and encouragement from you to them.

How Much Should I Spend?

how much to spend on groomsmen gifts

Most grooms want the gifts they choose for their groomsmen to reflect both the importance of the day and how much they care about them, but wedding budgets are often difficult to balance and deciding the right amount to spend on your groomsmen gifts can be tricky. The good news is that choosing a meaningful and thoughtful gift doesn’t have to break the bank, so no matter what you’re budget you’re sure to find a gift that will be meaningful and significant for each of your groomsmen.

Looking to have a ballpark figure in mind before you start hunting for that perfect gift? Recent research suggests that grooms spend an average of $54 on their best man and their fathers and an average of $37 on all other members of the wedding party, including the groomsmen. Brides Magazine suggests that a figure of between $75 and $150 would be more appropriate. A nice guideline is that you should aim to spend between 10-25% of what you have asked your groomsmen to spend on being part of your wedding party.

How much you choose to spend on your groomsmen gifts is unique to you and your wedding. However it’s important to bear in mind the size of your wedding and how much you have asked your groomsmen to spend to be part of your wedding party: if you have asked them to rent a tux, travel a considerable distance to a destination wedding, and pay for their own flights and hotel rooms then your gift should probably be more generous than if you are hosting a garden wedding in your hometown. Here are some great gift ideas to suit every budget:

Top 5 Groomsmen Gifts Under $20

  1. Custom Socks
 Elevate the humble gift of socks by choosing monogrammed socks that will be unique to each of your groomsmen and show thought and care.
  2. Beard Comb or Mustache Wax
    If your groomsman is a fan of facial furniture then a beard comb or tin of mustache wax will make a big impact on a small budget
  3. Superhero Cufflinks
    Personalized cufflinks can be pricey, but you can still show your groomsmen that you think they’re superhuman by choosing cufflinks shaped just like their favorite superhero.
  4. A Leather Keychain
    Keychains make great gifts because everyone uses them! Choose a high-quality leather version stamped with your groomsman’s initial to give your gift the personal touch.
  5. State Shaped Chopping Board
    Proud of your home state or want to celebrate that you grew up with your groomsman? Then a state shaped chopping board is the perfect way to show a little home pride!

Top 5 Groomsmen Gifts Under $50

  1. A Gift Certificate to His Favorite Restaurant
 If your groomsman is a gourmand who prefers experiences to possessions then why not get him a gift certificate to his favorite restaurant?
  2. Personalized Beer Crate
    Choose a personalized beer crate to give your groomsmen a gift they can keep forever, then fill it with their favorite beers to show how well you know their tastes.
  3. Grooming Bag Full of Goodies
    If your groomsman likes to take care of his skin then a grooming bag full of product is the ideal gift, and a great play on words! You can buy ready-made male grooming kits, or you could choose a selection of their favorite products to create something more personalized.
  4. Sterling Silver Cufflinks
    Cufflinks are a classic groomsmen gift. Choosing a silver version that will last a lifetime is a great way to show that you care: bonus points if you choose a design that can be monogrammed or personalized with a short message.
  5. A Wooden Bowtie
    The perfect gift for the dapper gent, the wooden bowtie is a bowtie with a twist: attention-grabbing and statement making, this gift will really stand out from the crowd.

Top 5 Groomsmen Gifts Under $100

  1. Event Tickets
 If you know there’s a music or sporting event your groomsman would love to see then why not buy them tickets? It’s a great gift, and a great way of showing that marriage won’t change your friendship!
  2. Personalized Oak Whiskey Barrel
    The ideal gift for the whiskey connoisseur, a personalized oak whiskey barrel is a unique gift that would look great in a kitchen, man cave or den.
  3. A Driving Experience Day
    Do you have petrol heads for groomsmen? Then why not organize a driving day experience for them! Whether they prefer rally cars or European sports cars, there are plenty of different experience options for you to choose from.
  4. A Poker Set
    Poker sets can be as pricey or inexpensive as you can afford, but if you have a healthy budget for a casino fan then why not choose a high quality poker set, enclosed in a personalized leather case? Poker nights will never be the same again!
  5. A Barber Box
    This is an unusual grooming gift with a real wow factor – a customized wooden box filled with vintage inspired monospacing products, such as a cut throat razor and barbers scissors. Ideal for helping even the grizzliest of groomsmen look suave and sophisticated on your big day.

Top 5 Groomsmen Gifts Under $200

  1. Custom engraved Wooden Watch
 A wooden watch makes a great, and unusual, gift that can be kept for a lifetime. Choose a watch that can be custom engraved with a personal message unique to each of your groomsmen.
  2. Golf Clubs
    One of the most classic groomsman gifts for the groom with a big budget, golf clubs are a gift that will always be used and appreciated by groomsmen that like to putt.
  3. A Leather Duffel
    If you’re having a destination wedding or looking for a gift for a groomsman that travels a lot then a leather duffel is a great choice. Monogram with their initials to add a personal touch.
  4. Groomsmen Movie Poster
    Looking for a big gift that will make a big statement? Why not have all of your groomsmen added into a custom poster of their favorite movie? This is a gift that’s sure to be a hit with movie fans and will look great on the wall of their man cave.
  5. A Gift Box Subscription
    Whether you choose beer, wine, grooming products or edible treats, a monthly gift box subscription is the gift that keeps giving and will remind your groomsman of your big day all year long.

Top Tips for Getting it Right

choosing perfect groomsmen gift

There is no rule that says you should get the same gift for each member of your wedding party, so don’t be afraid to choose different gifts to suit your groomsmen’s specific tastes and interests. For example, if you have one groomsmen that loves to grill and another than loves gaming then who not consider choosing a personalized grilling apron and a personalized USB stick, to give each a gift they’ll really appreciate. Just make sure that your ballpark budget for each groomsman is approximately the same, to ensure that nobody can make unfavorable comparisons with the other groomsmen they will be standing alongside (nobody wants to get a T-shirt if everyone else gets an iPad, for example).

Want to get your groomsmen a gift that will make them smile? Surprise them with something unexpected! Give a functional gift, but one with a twist: personalization, unexpected logos, textures and other detailing will all help to elevate a handy gift into something really special. Each groomsman is different, so even if you want to get them all the same gift, celebrate their uniqueness with little personal details (such as monogramming or an engraved message) that will show you choose their gift especially with them in mind.

Finally, don’t be afraid to think outside the box! You’ll only get one shot at giving your groomsmen the perfect gift, so if you have a bold idea you think they’ll love then run with it! The thought will definitely be appreciated, and most people appreciate receiving something unique that they’ve never thought to buy for themselves.

One of your most important jobs as a groom, aside from keeping your bride-to-be happy, is to thank your best man and groomsmen with a killer gift they’ll treasure forever. For many grooms however, that can be easier said than done. Gift giving doesn’t always come naturally, and scrolling through website after website looking for original ideas can quickly become overwhelming. When you’re already helping to plan a wedding, and probably dealing with a stressed-out bride-to-be, it’s easy to be tempted to buy the first gift you see, but your dream team deserve better! Luckily, we’ve done all the hard work for you. So scroll no more and check out an incredible range of groomsmen gifts: with so many different ideas to choose from, you’re sure to find something you love. Here is a guide to everything you need to do to make your groomsmen gift completely unforgettable, for all the right reasons!